Vacuum Furnace Products


ALD-Holcroft is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the long product histories of both its’ owners.

ALD Vacuum Technologies provides the technology for the base ModulTherm® systems, marrying multiple vacuum furnace chambers (treatment chambers) to a common quench. AFC-Holcroft technologies enhance the system with material handling expertise and support furnace expertise (temper, pre-oxidation, washer). The combination results in a flexible and automated vacuum based heat-treating system designed to produce the highest quality, and highest quantity output.

The systems were originally focused on the Low Pressure Carburizing market. Acetylene based LPC was perfected along with 20 bar pressure helium gas quenching (HPGQ). Literally hundreds of these treatment chambers are in operation around the world. It didn’t take long to realize the utility of these systems in a variety of other applications including neutral hardening, vacuum brazing, Nitrocarburizing and any other heat treat process performed in a vacuum. The independent treatment chambers enable multiple processes to be performed in each chamber at the same time.

As we now exercise the natural extension of the product line by introducing oil quenching, we are addressing the market segment that cannot benefit from the higher alloy materials necessary for gas quenching. This new capability enables the heat treater to enter into the fully automated system realm and allows the flexibility to move toward HPGQ when the market demands require it. Modularly upgrading the system for more capability and capacity is precisely the concept behind the ModulTherm®.

For some full automation is a lofty goal, we realize it doesn’t fit everyone’s production rates. This is where the DualTherm® comes in. It enables the lower volume heat treater to benefit from LPC and HPGQ without the need for a total system. It further provides the advantages of “cold chamber quenching” and can thereby provide results equal to the ModulTherm® system.

Finally, we round-out our furnace offerings with the MonoTherm®. MonoTherm® is a single chamber, single batch vacuum furnace for the most common heat treat needs. The “kit” style design enables the user to have the configuration that best suits their needs.

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