High Pressure Gas Quenching

This technology, commonly associated with vacuum furnaces, can also be integrated with atmosphere based furnace equipment.   

The benefits of distortion control, "green" processing and the elimnation of washing equipment are only some of the benefits.

High Pressure Gas Quenching in a “Cold Chamber” can meet many of the demands of oil quenching.

  • Quench pressure range of 10 - 20 bar Nitrogen (helium available).

  • Available new or as a retrofit to your existing atmosphere pusher system.

  • Delivers clean parts without post-washing.

Control part distortion via:

  • Reversing gas flow capabilities (top/down, bottom/up) and Dynamic Quenching sequences Variable Speed Quenching provide the best possibilities for elimination of post heat treat machining (hard grinding).




ALD-Holcroft tackles these opportunities with the support and involvment of AFC-Holcroft, benefitting from their 90 year history with atmosphere furnaces.

It's even possible to incorporate both HPGQ and oil quench into the same pusher...


We'll show you how!