Brochure and Technical Paper Downloads

SyncroTherm Brochure.  Featuring the new innovation One-piece-flow vacuum heat treating system.

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ModulTherm 2.0 Brochure.  Features the classic high pressure gas quench and now offers the option for vacuum oil quench.  Complete flexibility in system configuration.

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MonoTherm Brochure featuring single chamber vacuum furnaces with 360° or directional cooling, convection heating and HPGQ from 1.4 to to 20 bar.

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DualTherm Brochure Features single load, "cold chamber" quenching at pressures up to 20 Bar.

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Small Batch Processing.  A Better Way Of Production: Small Batch and One-Piece-Flow.  By Bill Gornicki, ALD-Holcroft, published in Industrial Heating, June 2014.

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Technical Sheet: Chemical Acetylene for Vacuum Carburizing. 

Published by Praxair

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Technical Paper:  Enhancing energy efficiency of thermochemical vacuum-processes and systems.  Written by Dr. Volker Heuer and Dr. Klaus Loeser of ALD Vacuum Technologies.  Published in Heat Processing, January 2012, pages 91 to 98.

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AGMA Technical Paper
Fall Technical Meeting 2010

Low Distortion Heat Treatment of Transmission Components

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Published in Gear Solutions,
July, 2011

Introducing SyncroTherm  One-Piece-Flow Integrated Heat Treating

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Read the story of a typical launch of a ModulTherm System.  Written by Karl Ritter of ALD Vacuum Technologies, GmbH

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"Multiple Quench options move vacuum carburizing closer to universal acceptance".  By Jack Titus of AFC-Holcroft, Wixom, Michigan.  Reprinted from Industrial Heating January, 2008.

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Learn why dual chamber vacuum furnaces outperform single chamber batch vacuum furnaces. Jointly written between Dr. Klaus Loeser & Karl Ritter of ALD GmbH and Bill Gornicki of ALD-Holcroft.  From "Heat Processing", May 2, 2008, pages 113-117

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"Automated Vacuum Heat-Treat Systems in the Powertrain Industry".  By Dr. Klaus Loeser, ALD GmbH and Bill Gornicki, ALD-Holcroft, Inc.  From Industrial Heating, October 2008.

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"Distortion Control by Innovative Heat Treating".  By Dr. Klaus Loeser, ALD GmbH and Don Faron, General Motors.  Reprinted from Gear Technology, August 2008


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"The way to high temperature vacuum carburizing for large carburizing depths in highly stressed steel chains" by Dr.Peter Sommer of Dr.Sommer Werkstofftechnik.  

This paper is also available at:

The paper was oginally published in "Der Wärmebehandlungsmarkt", a European based techical journal.

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Low Pressure Carburizing Services (Vacuum Carburizing Services) For Precision Parts.  By Dr. Volker Heuer and Dr. Klaus Loeser both with ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH, Hanau, Germany. 

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Low Pressure Carburizing of Large Transmission Parts.  Primarily wind energy parts.  Written by Dr. Klaus Loeser of ALD Vacuum Technologies of Hanau, Germany  and Bill Gornicki of ALD-Holcroft, Wixom, Michigan


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Reprinted with permission from the March 2010 issue of TLT, the official monthly magazine of the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers, a not-for-profit professional society headquartered in Park Ridge, Illinois.


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